Top 6 Requirements for Australian Tourist Visas

Published: 10th June 2011
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Travelling Australia for the purpose of holiday, tourism or visiting friends? You need Australian Tourist Visas. The Australian Tourist Visa (sub class 676) is the visa that allows visitors to stay in Australia for three to six months. In order to get an Australian Tourist Visa it is important that an applicant need to fulfil certain requirements. Here are the top 6 requirements for Australian Tourist visa.
The first requirement of this visa is the applicant must be outside Australia when they are applying for this visa. To apply to these visas an applicant can visit Australian Diplomatic office in their respective country or apply online for an electronic visa.
When you are applying for ETA visa or Electronic Travel Authority visa, there are certain criteria that an applicant must meet. This includes holding a valid passport from one of the 32 eligible ETA countries. Added the applicant must be in good health and must not have any criminal record. In order to apply online an applicant need a valid passport and credit card. For applicants who are above 70 are required to display proper medical documents to get their visa successfully. This includes providing evidence with the application that they have health insurance to cover their stay in Australia. Secondly, the applicant must provide health examination certificate from a doctor to prove their fitness for travel to Australia.
ETA is a type of visa which is electronically tagged. This means that the passport doest not have any stamp or label. After arriving Australia the concerned immigration officer will scan the passport ensuring that you have valid visa to enter Australia.
There are different types of Australian Tourist visa based on the tenure of the stay. These are short stay Tourist Visa Australia valid for 3 months, long stay Tourist Visa Australia valid for 6 to 12 months. Right from the date of its issue the Australian tourist visa is valid for one year. The visa allows holder to re entry Australia as many times the person wants. However, you must remember that irrespective of type of Australian Tourist Visa you are applying for, you must have the proof of having sufficient funds to cover the expenses while you are in Australia. With tourist visa Australia the holder will not be eligible for Australian employment. So at the time of applying visa the applicant might be asked to display required proof of funds. Examples of these documents include personal bank statements, audited accounts, pay slips and taxation records.
There are some limitations related to Australian tourist visa. You must remember that with tourist visa Australia you cannot work, though limited voluntary work is acceptable. If you want to work while enjoying the beauty of Australia, you must acquire an Australian working holiday visa. Secondly, the tourist visa holder must not engage themselves in any studies or training for more than three months. The holder must depart within the validity of the visa.
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